Recent & Upcoming

Upcoming Presentations

Strategies to Achieve a Smooth Flow of Chi in Teaching and Learning, Christina Sax, Maryland University of Integrative Health Faculty Exploration Series (March 2018)

Succession Planning: Tales from a Successor-Predessor Duo, Carolyn Callaghan and Christina Sax, University Professional and Continuing Education (UPCEA) Annual Conference (March, 2018)

New Pathways to Higher Ed Credentialing, Christina Sax, Misericordia University Professional Development Session (March 2018)

Recent Presentations

An Integrated Approach to Academic Program Development and Evolution, Christina Sax and Chad Egresi, Middle States Commission on Higher Education Annual Conference (Dec, 2017)

Science Education: Theory and Practices, Christina Sax, Foundation for the Advancement of Education in the Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Graduate School New Faculty Workshop (Aug 3, 2017)

Unintended Leadership Learning, Christina Sax, MarylandOnline Leadership Institute, Keynote Speaker (July 26, 2017)

Principles of Genetics for Nutrition, Christina Sax, Nutritional Genomics in Clinical Practice Symposium Workshop (June, 2017)

Using the Interregional Guidelines for Evaluation of Distance Education for Program and Accreditation Review, Barbara Zirkin and Christina Sax, Middle State Commission on Higher Education Workshop (April, 2017)

Recent Publications

Six Key Considerations for Innovation Proposals, C.M. Sax, The EvoLLLution, May 9, 2017

Overcoming Barriers to New Program Development, T. Schoolcraft and C.M. Sax, The EvoLLLution, Nov 18, 2016

Five Steps to Building an Academic Innovation Engine, C.M. Sax, The EvoLLLution, Aug 1, 2016