SNAP POLL OPEN: Leadership Lessons in Online Learning & HigherEd Innovation

I’d appreciate hearing about your leadership lessons in online learning and higher ed innovation as I prepare my keynote presentation, Unintended Leadership Learning, for the MarylandOnline Leadership Institute.

Other than formal leadership training/courses … What leadership lessons have you learned along the way? What activities or venues proved to be a source of leadership learning?

Participate and share your experiences here!  Summary results will be posted later!

Barriers to the Approval of Proposals – Snap Poll Results

The initial results from a July, 2016 snap poll targeted to higher ed online learning and innovation professionals suggest that the connection to senior leadership is perceived as a key barrier to achieving approval of proposals.  Of the 71 individuals that responded to the poll, 90% indicated that an understanding of and access to senior leaderships has been a barrier to the approval of proposals.  64% cited institutional resources, 21% noted linking to the strategic plan and collaborators, 12% mentioned their technical knowledge and skills in preparing proposals, and 3% named faculty cooperation as obstacles to their ability to garner approval for their online learning and innovation proposals.


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